What to include with your passport application form

  • A photocopy of the Extract of Archives or Birth Certificate
  • Two (2) colored passport pictures, on white background
  • Tax identity card
  • A photocopy of a valid identification document : Expired passport, Residence card or Driver’s license

Other documents to provide:

  • Marriage certificate if the interested party is a woman ($ 25.00 for the registration of any marriage certificate contracted outside Haiti)
  • Divorce certificate if the applicant is a divorced woman
  • Death certificate of the husband if the interested party is a widow
  • Parental authorization signed by one of the parents or the legal guardian for any minor
  • Valid proof of identity: Passport / Residence card is required from parent or guardian.

Lost Passport

Documents to provide (Please bring the originals and two copies):

  • Extract of Archives or Birth certificate
  • Police report
  • The marriage certificate for married women; The deed made abroad must be translated in french, notarized, and will be legalized at the Consulate
  • A valid identification document
  • Specimen signature (form to be taken from the Consulate)
  • Two (2) colored passport pictures, on white background

Mandatory costs

  • Ordinary processing: A money order of $145.00 for adults / $120.00 for minors.
  • Shipping fee: $35.00
  • Money order must be made payable to the Embassy of Haiti in Washington. Passports will be delivered by postale service. Passport owners must provide a valid mailing address. The reception form must be signed by the person receiving the passport.